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In-depth tips to ensure you get the most out of Rome & outskirts!

Rome’s Fascinating Quartière Coppedé!

The Quartière Coppedé, one of Rome’s most fascinating neighborhoods, is just a short bus ride from the heart of Rome’s city center, or less than a half hour’s walk following along the Villa Borghese park towards Parioli. This often overlooked, but extremely beautiful and captivating quartière is named after the neighborhood’s designer and architect, florentine…

New Year’s lunch at Garibaldi Restaurant

Garibaldi is my favorite restaurant in Rome and for a whole host of reasons. It’s close by and I can’t deny that adds a lot to its appeal. But that’s just the whipped cream on top of the icing already on top of the cake. I like a restaurant that makes you happy just by being there:…

Christmas Decorations & Festivity in Rome

Piazza Venezia Christmas tree

There are some lovely decorations, lights and Christmas trees to check out as you stroll through Rome during the holiday season. Christmas in Italy is also characterised by its lovely and elaborate nativity scenes (presepi) which you’ll find in just about every church in the city, and by the gorgeous panettone packages in the window of every alimentare…

The Mercato Centrale in Rome’s Termini train station

Mercato Centrale vendor, Termini station, Rome

The new Mercato Centrale in Rome’s Termini train station isn’t a mercato in the traditional Italian sense. It’s a great addition to the station, but reminds me more of something like a scaled-down, smaller version of San Francisco’s Ferry Building, or an Eataly. It has sixteen eateries and places to buy pizza a taglio, cheeses, great bruschetta…

Restaurants in Rome, Snaps’n’Snippets

Table for nine at Hosteria del Mercato

Places to eat in Rome along with some of my favorite dishes. I love classic Roman food and new twists to the old. Feasting is also visual and that goes for the restaurant space as well as the food. I love unique, well-decorated venues that are intelligently laid out and allow for conversation while you eat….

Gelato & Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts: Snaps’n’Snippets

Neve di Latte Gelateria

Delicious photographs and hints on where to go to find the very best cold treat! Mostly Rome and Lazio. Neve di Latte (Via Luigi Poletti, 6, Rome) is just about as good as it gets! A tad off the tourist track, but near the MAXXI museum so do a double header. My personal fave is…

Rome Views: Snaps’n’Snippets

Fiat 500

Life in Rome: from monuments to people to pets to fashion. Just about anything that depicts the eternal city and its lifestyle! These photographs are a touch of the beauty and character that is Rome. Side view of Rome’s breathtaking Piazza Venezia & its rich colors… Breathtaking sunset view of the ancient Egyptian Obelisk of…

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Buratta stuffed ravioli

Buratta-stuffed ravioli, on a swirl of pesto & topped with lightly caramelized cherry tomatoes. At Garibaldi Ristorante, Rome. Making homemade ravioli. Tropea onions from my garden lent themselves beautifully to these onion ricotta tarts. Arch of Malborghetto, whose core structure is datable to 4th century, sits on Via Flaminia right at Sacrofano train station. And…

Secret Rome: Courtyards


The Palazzo Borghese trumps all other courtyards for its beauty; the photograph below features one of the many sculptures to be seen in this courtyard. The courtyard is enormous and majestic and is still owned by the powerful Borghese family, with the exception of some apartments that have been sold. How often have you strolled…

Fresh Fruit Photographs


A compilation of fruit pictures: from our garden & orchard, and what I pick up here and there at Italian markets. I love to share fruit photographs so I’ll be adding to this post over time. You’ll also find fruit recipes on this blog, and much much more on Italian food, wine, travel & culture. With lots…