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Maryland crab cakes at Timbuktu

I took Maurizio and Annie to buy take-out crab cakes at this unlikely crab cake venue on Dorsey Road in Hanover, Maryland: an out of the way, side of the highway restaurant and take-out joint. A place, if I were hungry and looking for a place to eat, I would not drive into. The name…

Pizzaiolo Restaurant, Oakland CA: best of the Bay

Baby Tokyo turnips

Last week’s International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) annual conference started off with optional Saturday tours; always one of the best parts of the annual conference. It gives you the chance to explore a part of the host city’s food culture in depth, this year San Francisco’s. I lead the “Alice Waters Edible Schoolyard &…

Ristorante Il Grecale, Anzio (Southern Lazio)

Paccheri with seppie and pecorino , Ristorante Il Grecale, Anzio

I’d been to Il Grecale with friends in the past and also taken a stroll around the charming port area of this small seaside town in southern Lazio. That was in the summer and today was quite a different atmosphere. It was a blustery February day and we chose Anzio as we were searching for…

Lunch at Roscioli, Dessert at Roscioli Bakery

Lunch at Roscioli, Dessert at Roscioli Bakery Thelma returned last night from Turkey and Annie from Washington, so my lunch buddies and I convened once again for a plunge into Roman cuisine at its best: Roscioli. We were four so we split an assortment of classic Roman pasta dishes: cacio e pepe, spaghetti alla carbonara…

Sunday lunch at L’Ovile Restaurant

Potatoes cooking on wood-burning grill in Sacrofano

The plan when we went out this morning to run a few errands was to come right back home to make a light lunch. Our errands took us right past the Ovile Restaurant and it immediately triggered an almost primal desire for some hearty Roman comfort food. For me that spells pasta all’amatriciana. Errands finished…

Rome’s best gelato, artisanally made by master gelataio Claudio Torcé

Strawberry gelato

There’s gelato, and there’s gelato….and then there’s Claudio Torcé‘s gelato. Everyone who visits Rome wants to try a great gelato, and there are so many gelaterie out there (hundreds) that the unknowing traveler can easily stumble upon bad gelato. It’s easy to weed out the gelaterie displaying puffy, whipped products in colors that Mother Nature…

Pipero al Rex – masters of Spaghetti alla Carbonara

You’d probably miss Pipero al Rex if you weren’t specifically looking for it, but inside the Rex Hotel on Via Torino is a rather special restaurant. Diners beware: it also has very special prices.


Pasta at the Osteria in Rome

This centro storico restaurant’s simple and spartan ambiance is what makes it elegant. For example, the lighting: bulbs on wires hanging in staggered arrangement from the ceiling.

Bed And Breakfast Piazza Dante – Napoli


Last week before going to Naples the first thing I did was to check with the blogger community for suggestions on a place to stay. I have to thank Walks of Italy for the two accommodation suggestions made as both were fabulous. We ended up staying at the Dante B&B, so named due to its…

Leon d’Oro Restaurant – Piazza Dante, Naples

We arrived at our bed and breakfast a bit too late for lunch. Simona, the delightful owner of the Dante B&B, suggested that we stop down at the Leon d’Oro restaurant & pizzeria to make our dinner reservation as it books up quickly for the evening. Even though it was almost 4 pm there were…