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Naples in a Day: Fifteen Absolute Musts!

Naples is a must if you’re looking for amazing food and incredible pastries, jaw dropping art that will leave you dazzled, and if you want to experience a culture of passion and music! To enjoy Naples to its fullest you have to take it as it is, jump in and enjoy! There’s nothing like it…


Hand-painted Vietri ceramic flower vases

I’ve been in love with this gorgeous Amalfi coast hill town that spills down to the sea with a blast of Mediterranean colors for decades. It’s all about the winding narrow streets and steps so full of charm, the amazing views that change with every step you take, the outstanding seafood, ceramics and quaint shops. Enjoy…

The Best of Sperlonga

Sunset Sperlonga

Sperlonga captured my heart more than three decades ago when we first started spending the month of June here each year. Some of Sperlonga’s appeal is intangible, it occupies your senses in ways you can’t even describe. Yet, so much of what there is to love in this amazing coastal hill town is easy to quantify….

Gelato & Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts: Snaps’n’Snippets

Neve di Latte Gelateria

Delicious photographs and hints on where to go to find the very best cold treat! Mostly Rome and Lazio. Neve di Latte (Via Luigi Poletti, 6, Rome) is just about as good as it gets! A tad off the tourist track, but near the MAXXI museum so do a double header. My personal fave is…

Appetizers: Snaps’n’Snippets

Clams and mussel Sauté

Photographs of tasty beginnings to your meal! Delicious clam & mussel appetizer with lots of sauce to slurp up or dip your bread in:

The Tornesi Brunello Winery


About fifteen years ago we first visited the Tornesi winery on a Brunello wine buying trip. Since then we’ve been back every year. The owner, Maurizio Tornesi, has become a friend, and we’ve watched his winery grow and transform…always for the better. On our visit last week we joined the family for lunch in their home….

Eating in Contigliano, northern Lazio

Contigliano is Maurizio’s hometown. He was actually born in nearby Terni but every single relative on his mother’s side was born in Contigliano. And more than that: they were all born in the same family home, in the same iron frame bed, that I have kept and moved to our present home north of Rome….

Oysters at Nick’s Cove, Tomales Bay – Marshall CA

Oysters aside, the drive up to Marshall is enthralling; a stark and beautiful coastline with a back drop of mountains and blue skies. You occasionally pass through charming, yet humble towns that appear to have been  untouched for decades: a small white clapboard church with its steeple reaching up to the sky, a general store,…

MilanExpo 2015, its final weeks

Don’t let this scare you! All these people entered Expo in half an hour. If you want to catch the Milan Expo in its last weeks, here’s the skinny…. If you’re expecting to see everything with no crowds and no lines then stay home. Expo is in its last month so everyone is now rushing…

Positano’s Casa Cosenza

Room with a view at Positano's Casa Cosenza

We’ve stayed in just about every room at the Casa Cosenza over the past thirty-plus years, each one with a breathtaking view of the spectacular Positano. Maurizio first brought me here when we were still fidanzati; I was here on vacation and spoke no Italian at the time. The whole weekend I was intoxicated: head…