A glance at the FloraCult Plant & Flower Market

Edible Flowers

It was my first time to attend the annual FloraCult plant and flower show. I was expecting something more formal, elaborate and extensive but instead it was more like a country fair. A beautiful, thoroughly enjoyable country fair!

There were flowers, fruit trees and plants from throughout of Italy. A Sicilian producer was selling delicious oranges, avocados and other fruits he produces. The stand next to his, Hortus Hesperidis, had unusual citrus fruits I’d never encountered: a lemon kumquat, an orange lemon tree (lemons that are orange) and a number of fascinating heirloom fruits. My favorite was an heirloom orange tree, the Arancio del Console.


There was an abundance of plants and flowers for purchase: gorgeous roses, hibiscus, fruit trees, heirloom plants and many edible flowers…


Heirloom figs…


There were also many artisans at FloraCult. Some were making products from plants, and others were making products for plants and gardens. One woman was selling hedgehogs, birds and other animals made from metal and then handpainted for garden decoration. Anna Gabbiano (anna.gabbiani@corbetta.org), a basket maker from the Lombardy region, was making beautiful baskets from olive branches. She learned her basket making technique from basket master Giovanni D’Amico di Khama, at his school on the island of Pantelleria near Sicily. Other artisans had made vases and tables from wood, stone, ceramics and baskets.


More baskets, and tables…


I purchased beautiful cutting boards and salad forks & spoons, all handmade from olive wood, for gifts. Luca, the wood-working artisan is from Tuscany, near Florence (info@tuscanartisan.com).

Olive wood

One stand, Vivi di Sana Pianta, offered cooking programs all day, demonstrating how to cook with herbs, flowers, and all the plants and so-called weeds that grow all over the countryside. They’re located in the Lombardy region.


Edible weeds, like this borage




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