Broken tableware becomes art

Broken TablewareSo, what do you do with mismatched plates, teacups, broken china? I throw it away or else it hangs around forever in my “to repair” box.

My local morning coffee bar has another take on these throw-aways: they turn them into a work of art. Clever, charming and in the end perhaps a nicer way to show off and enjoy your hand-painted tableware that otherwise remains hidden away in a cabinet.

If you don’t mind mismatched items and incomplete sets then thrift shops, garage sales, and here in Italy, outdoor markets are a great way to pick up some inexpensive items.

Rome’s Porta Portese market, open every Sunday morning, is a great place to go. I like to get there around seven in the morning to beat the crowds; it gets crazy from mid-morning on. Rome and its outskirts are also full of other weekly and monthly non-food markets where you can find exquisite wine glasses, serving dishes and tableware. Another one to check out is the once a month market in Formello. Further afield is the monthly market in Rieti. But if you can’t make the markets just turn your old and broken items into art.

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