Calvi, Umbria – the Festa di San Pancrazio

Calvi Countryside

Calvi in Umbria lies just barely north of the Lazio region, along the Via Flaminia. If you happen by the area it’s well worth making a stop to take a look at this medieval borgo. From the hill town you can look down upon the rolling Umbrian countryside, as pictured above.

Calvi Festa di San Pancrazio

Calvi Festa di San Pancrazio

The town’s major festival, the Festa di San Pancrazio, takes place once a year in May and is a week long of festivities, food and fireworks. The major ceremony takes place on a Sunday night and many of the citizens participate, dressed up in full regalia for the occasion.

Calvi, a local renowned artist

And Calvi has no shortage of fascinating characters. Giorgio is a renowned painter, full of life and exuberance, who wouldn’t miss the Festa di San Pancrazio for the world!

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