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Our best pictures of food & places you won’t want to miss!


Hand-painted Vietri ceramic flower vases

I’ve been in love with this gorgeous Amalfi coast hill town that spills down to the sea with a blast of Mediterranean colors for decades. It’s all about the winding narrow streets and steps so full of charm, the amazing views that change with every step you take, the outstanding seafood, ceramics and quaint shops. Enjoy…

Restaurants in Rome, Snaps’n’Snippets

Table for nine at Hosteria del Mercato

Places to eat in Rome along with some of my favorite dishes. I love classic Roman food and new twists to the old. Feasting is also visual and that goes for the restaurant space as well as the food. I love unique, well-decorated venues that are intelligently laid out and allow for conversation while you eat….

Pasta, gnocchi & risotto: luscious Italian primi, Snaps’n’Snippets

Penne with zucchini, pancetta, Parmesan and onion

Snaps’n’Snippets of Italian primi! Italy is characterized by starting off each meal with delicious first courses, or primi. Oftentimes a primo and salad can be enough for a whole meal. Only rarely will you see Italians skip their scrumptious primo! For example… It’s September, so we’re now enjoying the last of our summer zucchini; we can…

Cooking Classes at Flavor of Italy: Snaps’n’Snippets

Making ravioli and gnocchi

Take a look at what we do in our cooking classes: they’re fun, you learn a lot, enjoy great food & wine, and take home a host of new, simple to prepare, delectable recipes. Our cooking school is based in Rome, but we also offer cooking classes throughout the year in the United States and…

Gelato & Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts: Snaps’n’Snippets

Neve di Latte Gelateria

Delicious photographs and hints on where to go to find the very best cold treat! Mostly Rome and Lazio. Neve di Latte (Via Luigi Poletti, 6, Rome) is just about as good as it gets! A tad off the tourist track, but near the MAXXI museum so do a double header. My personal fave is…

Appetizers: Snaps’n’Snippets

Clams and mussel Sauté

Photographs of tasty beginnings to your meal! Delicious clam & mussel appetizer with lots of sauce to slurp up or dip your bread in:

Rome Views: Snaps’n’Snippets

Fiat 500

Life in Rome: from monuments to people to pets to fashion. Just about anything that depicts the eternal city and its lifestyle! These photographs are a touch of the beauty and character that is Rome. Side view of Rome’s breathtaking Piazza Venezia & its rich colors… Breathtaking sunset view of the ancient Egyptian Obelisk of…

Pasta, Gnocchi, Risotto: Snaps’n’Snippets

Gorgonzola and sage spaghetti

Every Italian meal begins with a delicious “primo”. Sundays in Rome are family lunch days and call for homemade pasta; Thursdays are gnocchi day in Rome. Every town and region has its own specialty and tradition. What they all have in common is simplicity and delicious flavor! I’m addicted to the easiest pasta dish on…