The Mercato Centrale in Rome’s Termini train station

Mercato Centrale, Termini station, Rome

The new Mercato Centrale in Rome’s Termini train station isn’t a mercato in the traditional Italian sense. It’s a great addition to the station, but reminds me more of something like a scaled-down, smaller version of San Francisco’s Ferry Building, or an Eataly. It has sixteen eateries and places to buy pizza a taglio, cheeses, great bruschetta spreads, fresh truffles, homemade Panettone and freshly baked bread.

Mercato Centrale vendor, Termini station, Rome

There are a few veggie vendors like this one cleaning fresh artichokes…

Cleaning artichokes, Mercato Centrale, Termini station, Rome

but most vendors are offering ready made or prepared on the spot foods like this pizza a taglio (pizza by the slice).

Pizza a taglio at the Mercato Centrale, Termini station, Rome

Pizza by the slice at the Mercato Centrale, Termini station, Rome

If you’re catching a train or waiting for someone to pick you up when you arrive at Termini station then the Mercato Centrale is great.
Seating is abundant, food choices are great, and after all, who likes standing around near a platform waiting for a train? Not me. I’d rather sit down with a coffee, or a drink, get a bite to eat and enjoy the market’s free wifi access. Another plus: the market’s bathrooms are large, clean, free and have nice extras like warm water for hand washing and an airblade hand drier.
The market entrance is on the Via Giolitti side of Termini station (closest cross-street is Via Rattazzi); a much quieter, less-trafficked spot. If someone is meeting you or picking you up your wait will be more pleasant at the Mercato Centrale and it’s a simpler meeting point.
Just five minutes walk from the station there’s a parking garage at Via Giolitti, 267. You can pick up a 25% parking discount voucher from the Infopoint at the Mercato Centrale entrance.
Here’s what you’ll find at the market:
A birreria (beer) and a caffetteria (coffee shop )

Birreria at Mercato Centrale, Termini station, Rome
Bread by Gabriele Bonci

Bonci atMercato Centrale, Termini station, Rome
Luca Veralli’s gelato
Meats and salumi (Roberto Liberati)
Egidio Michelis’s fresh pasta
Chocolate & flowers, Pierangelo Fanti
Sicilian delicacies, Carmelo Pannochietti
Vegetarian & vegan food, Marcello Bianchi
Fried foods, Martino Bellincampi
Artichokes & mushrooms, Alessandro Conti & Gabriele La Rocca
Cheese, Beppe Giovale

Cheese,Mercato Centrale, Termini station, Rome
Fresh fish, Famiglia Galluzzi
Truffles, Luciano Savini

Truffles, Mercato Centrale, Termini station, Rome
Trapizzini, Stefano Callegari
Pizza, Romualdo Rizzuti
Chianina beef hamburgers, Enrico Lagorio

Almost makes you want to hang out at the station, doesn’t it?!

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  1. Phyllis@Oracibo
    December 21, 2016 | 19:30

    I’m with you…no standing around waiting on the platform for us anymore! Also…no treking up to the upper level to find the loo…forgetting to take coins with you, going back down to get some, etc. etc. I like the idea a lot!

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