MilanExpo 2015, its final weeks

Milan Expo

Don’t let this scare you! All these people entered Expo in half an hour. If you want to catch the Milan Expo in its last weeks, here’s the skinny….

If you’re expecting to see everything with no crowds and no lines then stay home.
Expo is in its last month so everyone is now rushing to catch it, and honestly it’s not to be missed. Certain pavilions are deemed the best so the lines are atrocious: Japan, Kazakastan, and a few others: upwards of four hours. Point being, don’t waste expo time in those lines. There’s so much more to see!

A wonderful surprise was the USA pavilion. No lines to speak of, and a wonderfully educational visit. Ask them about the James Beard American restaurant in Milan centro: it’s their off-site, center Milan activity. Fabulous chefs and fabulous food! More on that tomorrow as we’re having our anniversary dinner there this evening.
Must see is the Tree of Life, after dark at 9 pm. Loop around it to get an up close view from the side.

Another must see is Pavilion Zero. It’s the essence of Milan Expo. The line is about 75 minutes; power through it! Try to go around 5:30 pm as the line will be better.
See everything you can, big and small! The day(s) will fly by.

People go to be entertained, eat and be educated. Each pavilion has a different thrust.
To give you an idea of numbers: the other day there were 270,000 visitors, and yesterday USA hit its 5 millionth visitor. So of course there are crowds and lines! There are lines to go to a movie theater with just a few hundred spectators so it’s unrealistic to expect no lines.

If you are over eighty, disabled and can prove it, or visiting with a baby you can go to a fast entry priority line at most pavilions.

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