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Buratta stuffed ravioli

Buratta-stuffed ravioli, on a swirl of pesto & topped with lightly caramelized cherry tomatoes. At Garibaldi Ristorante, Rome.


Making homemade ravioli.

Tropea onion tart

Tropea onions from my garden lent themselves beautifully to these onion ricotta tarts.

Arch Malborghetto

Arch of Malborghetto, whose core structure is datable to 4th century, sits on Via Flaminia right at Sacrofano train station. And it’s a delightful country walk away from


Did you know kiwi are a Lazio region fruit? Just one more reason I love Lazio!


Summer’s best: garden tomato sauce with succulent mazzancolle.

Tomino cheese

Many ways to love Piemontese soft Tomino cheese: pan sizzled, topped with toasted walnuts & drizzled with honey.

Blackberry pies

Blackberry pies just out of the oven, made with berries picked @flavorofitaly.

Largo Argentina

The beauty of Rome’s Largo Argentina & beyond.

Via Monserrato, Rome

Luscious pool near Campo dei Fiori! Guess where this hidden jewel is? Hint: not a spa or a hotel.

Peanut pie

The Farm Shop’s Peanut Butter Pie gives meaning to the foodporn hashtag!

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