Rome Views: Snaps’n’Snippets

Life in Rome: from monuments to people to pets to fashion. Just about anything that depicts the eternal city and its lifestyle! These photographs are a touch of the beauty and character that is Rome.

Side view of Rome’s breathtaking Piazza Venezia & its rich colors…

Piazza Venezia, Rome

Breathtaking sunset view of the ancient Egyptian Obelisk of Montecitorio, also known as Solare, brought to Rome in 10 B.C. by Emperor Augustus.

Ancient Egyptian obelisk in Rome's Piazza Montecitorio

A birds eye view!? In the center of Rome, near Castel Sant’Angelo.


A birds eye view

Three original vintage Fiat 500’s: Italy’s best car ever!

Fiat 500

Wine bottle cork wedged into the sampietrini pavement: quintessential Rome!

Cork wedged into Sampietrini pavement

A must see in Rome! The ancient Roman Villa Quintilli built at time of Hadrian.

Villa Quintilli, Via Appia Antica

Almost every place in Rome has amazing views peeping out from behind trees, buildings, the fog. This view is from the walkway approaching the Cecilia Metella restaurant on the Appia Antica.

View from Cecilia Metella restaurant walkway, Appia Antica, Rome

One of hundreds of gorgeous private terraces in Rome.

Private terrace in Rome

Port scenes: loving the color combination of fading blue paint, aging wood and rust in the port town of Fiumicino, just north of Rome, still in the province of Rome.


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