I’ve been in love with this gorgeous Amalfi coast hill town that spills down to the sea with a blast of Mediterranean colors for decades. It’s all about the winding narrow streets and steps so full of charm, the amazing views that change with every step you take, the outstanding seafood, ceramics and quaint shops. Enjoy this flavor of Positano and if you’ve never been here, add it to your bucket list.

Vietri is just down the coast from Positano and its colorful hand-painted tiles, vases, plates and gift items embellish the beauty of Positano. I love these vases that nestle beautifully into a stairway.

Hand-painted Vietri ceramic flower vases

An example of a unique ceramic gift idea that recalls the seaside theme of the town.

Vietri ceramic cup and plate

On the street above the family-owned and operated Casa Cosenza is a tiny alimentari that also makes wonderful breakfasts including piping hot, flavorful, three-inch-deep torte rustiche (quiche). Sit outside at one of the wrought iron, painted white tables for your coffee, cornetto and fruit. And a slice of torta rustica; what a way to start the day!

Breakfast in Positano

The torta rustica!

Torta rustica...quiche...in Positano

Seafood looks amazing on these hand-painted Vietri plates.

Seafood looks amazing on these hand-painted Vietri plates

Positano: room with a view

Buffalo mozzarella in Positano

Positano seaside view

Amazing Positano view!

Amazing Positano view!

Amazing Positano view at night!

Luscious seafood pasta in Positano

Spaghetti alle vongole in Positano

Seafood pasta on hand-painted Vietri ceramic plate in Positano

Cocktails in Positano


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  1. Dolores Peck
    January 8, 2017 | 21:17

    YOUR pictures are fantastic…so bright, colorful, ….I feel the need to return!

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