Positano’s Casa Cosenza

Room with a view at Positano's Casa Cosenza

We’ve stayed in just about every room at the Casa Cosenza over the past thirty-plus years, each one with a breathtaking view of the spectacular Positano.

Maurizio first brought me here when we were still fidanzati; I was here on vacation and spoke no Italian at the time. The whole weekend I was intoxicated: head over heels in love with my handsome and charming Maurizio, loving the musicality of the lilting and flowing Neapolitan dialect, captured by the view of the colorful Positano homes spilling down to the sea and in gourmet ecstasy with the buffalo mozzarella, succulent seafood, delicious pastas. Sensorial overload in the most delightful way imaginable.

Our host and owner at Casa Cosenza was the lively and energetic Maria. The first night in Positano I walked up a hundred or so steps with Maria to reach a local bar where we sat for hours enjoying ice cream and drinks until close to midnight. I’d been on my own that day enjoying Positano while Maurizio drove to Scalea to sell a property his father had invested in. No cell phones back then so I had no idea when Maurizio would return. The local young men were teasing me all night saying Maurizio wouldn’t return and coaxing me to go off with them to dance. All in fun…with some serious intent all the same! As midnight approached I was getting anxious but just then Maurizio appeared in his Alfa Giulietta, and my heart skipped quite a few beats when I saw his smiling face.

Since that time Maria has become older, her husband has passed, and the management of Casa Cosenza has passed into the hands of her daughter Giuseppina. She has in turn brought her daughter Raffaella into the family business and she’s now ready to take over from her mother. Time seems to have flown by, and people here have come and gone. Casa Cosenza has remained lovely and charming and mostly just as it was decades ago…less rustic and more beautiful.

If you visit Positano and want to feel a part of the local rhythm and lifestyle this is a perfect place to stay. Half of the pleasure of Positano is lost to you in a hotel.

So where is it? Take a look; it’s the yellow building right in the center (a bit up and left of the dome):

Casa Cosenza: the yellow building just upwards and slightly left of the dome

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