Rome’s Tulip Park

Rome’s Tulip Park in Prima Porta, Rome

One way to enjoy springtime and the season’s magnificent flowers is at Rome’s Tulip Park. The Tulip Park has over 300,000 tulips on display, some of them rare varietals that can’t be picked. Otherwise each €5 ticket covers both access to the park to admire and photograph the flowers, and the option to pick two tulips to take home.

Rome’s Tulip Park in Prima Porta, Rome
This is the first year for Rome’s Tulip Park initiative and within a week the initiative ran into difficulties thanks to visitors who showed no respect for the flowers. Many tulips were picked and if they didn’t appeal to the person after they’d been picked, they were thrown on the ground and left to be trampled. As a result hundreds of flowers and their bulbs were destroyed. Now more stringent controls are in place and visits to Rome’s Tulip Park seem to be running smoothly.

Rome’s Tulip Park in Prima Porta, Rome
When you pick your two tulips, pick them from the very base of the stem. If the bulb comes away with the flower just leave it at the exit so it can be replanted. Anyone who would like to buy additional tulips can; the cost per tulip is € 1.50. Everyone can create their own bouquet of gorgeous tulips, choosing from over 75 different varietals and colors.

Rome’s Tulip Park in Prima Porta, Rome
No need for scissors to pick your tulips; just remember to grab them at the base of the flowers when you pick them. As you exit the park the management has paper that can be used to wrap up your flowers to take away. Once you’ve picked your tulips place them in the containers that you’ll find available at the entrance to the park. This way you don’t have to worry about your tulips being damaged as you walk through the park and admire the flowers.

Rome’s Tulip Park in Prima Porta, Rome
Tulips don’t generally last long once picked, but there are a few tips to make them last as long as possible. Keep them away from direct sunlight. Change the water daily and add ice to the water.
The goal of Rome’s Tulip Park is to allow people to walk between the enormous and numerous rows of tulips, to admire their beauty and capture them all with photographs. There’s an area to sit and relax to admire the tulips or enjoy a picnic with friends and family.

Rome’s Tulip Park in Prima Porta, Rome
Find out about the tulip park on their website: The park is opened from 9 AM to 7 PM for just about three weeks until close to the end of April, so make sure you get there before it closes for the season. The address for Rome’s Tulip Park is Via della Giustiniana, 260, at the intersection with Via di Santa Cornelia. If you don’t have a car but would like to visit the park it’s easy to get there with public transportation.

Rome’s Tulip Park in Prima Porta, Rome
From Rome’s Piazzale Flaminio take a Roma Nord train to the Via della Giustiniana stop, about a 20 minute ride. The trains run every ten to fifteen minutes.
Once you leave the station walk straight down the Via Giustiniana. It’s a twenty minute walk, but Rome’s Tulip Park is worth the effort. And after, the point is to be outdoors enjoying the sunshine and admiring nature so just consider the walk as part of your day’s outing.
Instead of the train you can also reach the tulip park by bus number 033, 303, or N 24. Check out the exact routes with the Moovit app.

Rome’s Tulip Park in Prima Porta, Rome
Interesting fact: everyone knows that tulips come from Holland, right? Actually no, tulips originally come from Turkey.

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