Summer in the Cellar – Jazz & Wine at Vinoroma

Photograph courtesy of Gina Tringali

There are many food and wine professionals in Rome, each one offering something slightly different and interesting, some better or worse than others. I don’t generally feel compelled to write about fellow professionals but every once in awhile something stands out far above the rest and I want to share it with others.
I met Vinoroma owner Hande Leimer  a few years ago on twitter, where we shared enogastronomical comments and ideas. I met Hande “in the flesh” (as my Australian stepmom is fond of saying), no more than six months ago at a few blogger events. Yet it was only six weeks or so ago that I saw Hande and her Vinoroma business in action (aided, I should add, by her charming husband).
What makes a great professional? A clearly thought out business mission, un-veering adhesion to what you’ve established as your business goal, excellent and targeted marketing, excellent branding, a high degree of professionalism in dealing with clients. This all accompanied, of course, by expertise in your field.
This summer I attended two of Hande’s events and having observed her at work at Vinoroma’s Summer in the Cellar events can affirm that Hande has all of the above characteristics. She is gracious and elegant both in appearance and in her interaction with clients. Her knowledge of wines is outstanding, along with her food pairing choices (all delicious, and prepared by her, many with unique flavor twists).

Vinoroma has a centrally located tasting room in the Monti area (Via in Selci 84G) just at the base of the stairs leading up to the Colle Oppio from via Cavour. Beneath the tasting room is Vinoroma’s wine cellar, estimated to be a thousand years old. It was here that a jazz trio performed for the tasting participants in between the German wines we tasted.
Vinoroma offers tastings daily, mostly featuring Italian wines. They don’t sell wines, but can recommend some of the better wine shops to clients.
Logos can be an important part of branding and Vinoroma has devised one of the best I’ve ever seen. It combines company name with a pictorial representation of the company’s activity in a way that is simple, clear and creative.

If you’re interested in a great wine tasting experience in Rome Vinoroma is where you need to go. Really; look no further.

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